Head Girl's Message

Greetings to the readers,

My mother always tells me to be that capable in life so as to feel proud of my reflection when I see it, standing in front of the mirror.

Becoming the school Prefect is a dream fulfilled, a goal achieved and a duty embraced. A leader chosen among the Lukites, is a promise of responsibility. A responsibility to highlight all the qualities every student of St. Luke’s should possess. A student must be disciplined, punctual, responsible, sporty, social, respectful, hard working, honest, polite and sincere.

Life is the most beautiful journey that one gets to experience. What I believe is that only the one who has the quality to compartmentalize enjoys this journey to the fullest. My priorities are set;

- Putting my 100 percent in studies
- Running in the basketball court like it’s my last day to play
- Painting effortlessly like I had to open a personal art gallery the next day
- Debating and keeping new ideas forth
- Trying all silly things with friends and spending time with my family because I love them.

So, it is all about concentrating on what you are doing in the present moment.

You get to live once so, do what makes you happy the most and most importantly, set your priorities right

Chetsi Chaudhary
School Prefect