Head Boy's Message

Becoming the School Prefect had always been my dream which came true this year. This year came with a deluge of e motions, patience being one of them. It was patience that motivated me to keep on moving. Although, because of the pandemic it wasn’t possible for me and my team to serve my alma mater but we tried our best to keep in touch and to do our bit virtually.

For me, my school has always been a Temple of knowledge and I respect everything that St. Luke’s has bestowed on me. And now that we are on the threshold of a new chapter in our lives, it does sadden me to leave the safe and warm pr emises of our school but I have no regrets. Rather I feel blessed and satiated in having learned all that I had ev er hoped for, and more, at St. Luke’s and for this I will always remain indebted to my school. Though we are leavi ng, St. Luke’s will always remain in our hearts and we will always take pride in being a Lukite.

May Luke’s be Luke’s Always.

Vedansh Sharma
School Prefect
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