The students are prepared for All India Secondary School Examination (AISSE) (Class X) and Senior Secondary School (Class XII) as per the bifurcated syllabus stipulated by the Board. Subjects offered at the Board level for Class X are English (Course A) Hindi (Course B), Mathematics, Science with Practical, Social Studies, Physical and Health Education, Art Education and Work Experience. Courses taught from Middle School Levels are designed to give students a firm grounding in these subjects. Value education is imparted regularly. Computer familiarisation is also offered. For Class XI, 3 streams i.e. Medical, Non-Medical and Commerce are offered.

All Classes have regular Physical Education periods. Art, Craft, Singing, Dancing, Dramatics, Maths Club, Science Club, Literacy Drive, First Aid and Patient Care are taught at Primary and Middle Levels.

The School offers a wide range of co-curricular activities including a variety of indoor and outdoor games, cultural and quasi-academic groups, work experience and community service.

There are four Houses : Gandhi (Red), Tagore (White), Ashoka (Blue), and Nehru (Gold).

Ashoka Never Give in
Gandhi Unity is Strength
Nehru Truth, Beauty, Worship
Tagore Now or Never

Students involvement in school organisation is directly through a system of student representatives including a School Perfect, School Captain, Activity Captain, Discipline Captain, House Captains and Vice-Captains, Class Monitors and Assistant Monitors. There is equal opportunity for girls and boys.

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