The School Academic Year begins in February and runs to January of the following year, inclusive of Winter vacation.

  • The Management reserves to itself the right of admission.
  • Admission is open to all castes, creed and communities without discrimination, provided children are deemed capable of drawing benefit from the kind of education imparted.
  • Those applying for admission are, as a rule to appear for achievement test in the main subjects. They are tested as for terminal level of the class below the one for which they seek admission.
  • A pupil who has attended a recognized school must submit a Transfer Certificate from the school. In the case of students from unrecognized private school or those who have not attended school, official Birth Certificate from, such as the Municipal or Panchayat, in support of the date of birth must be submitted. AFFIDAVITS ARE NOT ACCEPTED as a valid document. Excepting for clerical error, claims for change of date of birth are not entertained.
  • All documents presented at the time of admission become the property of the school and cannot be returned.
  • In the event of any clerical error regarding date of Birth in the Report Card or Certificate issued must be brought to the notice of the office immediately for rectification.


  • The right of admission is vested with the Management.
  • The School gives preference to students who have been already on roll in class X.
  • There will be an Entrance Exam for students from other schools.
  • 50% weightage will be given to the performance of a child in class IX, X and Pre-Board Examination.
  • For admission to Medical and Non - Medical stream the student should have a consistent score of B1 grade (8 CGPA) in Science and Mathematics.
  • For Commerce, the student must have secured overall C1 grade (6 CGPA).
  • Before admitting the students the school will advise them to take up streams suitable for them depending on their previous performance, through personal contact and counseling and career guidance for the students of class X.
  • The admission however, will be barred to those students who have breached the code of conduct of discipline, have been negligent in studies, students whose parents do not attend the Parent Teacher Meet-ing and those who have been regular defaulters regarding submission of homework, submission of projects on time etc. However all admissions are provisional till the CBSE results are declared.
  • Fee paid at the time of admission is not refundable.


  • It is vitally important that changes in residence/office address and telephone number be communicated in writing to the school office and parent's telephone number to E-care for contact.
  • The school does not hold itself responsible for injuries sustained by pupils while in the School. However, First Aid will be rendered immediately and injuries necessitating Hospital/ OPD treatment attended to, without delay.
  • If your child has any serious ailment, it is mandatory to bring it to the notice of the Principal /Class Teacher/ Physical Education Teachers.
  • Pupils are advised not to have Private Tuition. Parents are urged to encourage their children to do their daily work diligently and honestly and to pay utmost attention to their studies in the class room.
  • Parents/ Pupils (individually or collectively) are forbidden to give gifts to the teachers. Neither parties, nor gifts/ Presentations by students and parents on birthdays of students or such occasions are not allowed. A token gift of a flower or a sweet may be allowed.
  • Collection of funds for whatever use is forbidden without prior permission of the Principal.
  • Pupils are required to behave politely and avoid use of indecent language or action, injuries to the feelings of fellow students, teachers or others in the school. Any such behaviour indicative of hurting other caste or community will attract serious disciplinary action or even dismissal.
    • No student shall indulge in any of the following practices viz.
    • Spitting in and around school building.
    • Disfiguring, scribbling or otherwise damaging any school property.
    • Smoking, gambling, use of drugs or intoxicants, rowdiness and rude behaviour, use of violence in any form, casteism and communalism, use of obscene language, causing hurt to the modesty of others, playing truant during class hours, etc.

  • Serious violation of the rules and regulations and the discipline of the school is punishable including removal or expulsion from the school. Such action will normally follow a written warning to allow improvement in conduct.
  • Immediate expulsion and / or even rustication will follow if the continued presence of the defaulting students is damaging to the physical and moral well being of other students and of the school, or if the violation is punishable seriously at the board level, such as unfair practice at the examination.
  • In the absence of the teacher from the class room, pupils are required to observe silence and obey the Monitor of the class.
  • Pupils may be required to take part in various co-curricular activities even outside school hours.When so required, participation will be deemed compulsory.
  • Staying away from mandatory School Functions, including Annual Day and Sport Day without prior permission will be considered a discipline default.
  • English is the medium of instruction in School, hence all students must speak English even in their private conversation in school to gain confidence and proficiency in the language.
  • Students are responsible to School Authorities for their conduct not only in School, but also for their general behaviour outside. Any report or observed, objectionable conduct outside the school on the part of the pupils will make them liable to disciplinary action. It is expected that through their good behaviour they enhance the prestige of the school.
  • A student involved in any incident, even outside the school which brings discredit to the institution, either because of unpleasant nature or inviting criminal or legal action by police or the court will be dismissed from school without further enquiry.
  • Students as well as parents are reminded that in the examinations, the minimum passing marks in the School are 40% in each subject. While detentions are kept to a minimum, students who do not qualify as per the Assessment System will not be promoted.


  • Every pupil must possess a copy of the SCHOOL DIARY WHICH SHOULD BE BROUGHT TO THE SCHOOL EVERYDAY. Apart from entering legibly the name and other personal data, pupil should write the Homework in it. A student is required to keep his/her books & notebooks neat and covered.
  • Pupils should not bring valuables or money to school. They are also not allowed to bring to school magazines, pictures or books/ cassettes/ cds, slam books, carrying cameras, mobile phones, lap top, pen drives etc.
  • Students are strictly forbidden to wear ear-rings or any cosmetics failing which disciplinary action will be taken against such offenders. They must be simple.

  • Pupils are forbidden to bring crackers, explosives, harmful instruments and other dangerous materials to school.
  • Every student should take care of the school properties. Intended or neglectful damage to school properties is a serious breach of school discipline and will have to be made good by the defaulting students.
  • Students will remain at home when they are sick. Once they come to school, they will remain in school during the entire school hours. This rule applies even during the Time of Examination.
  • No student or teacher should borrow/lend money or sell articles in the school.

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